Universal Human Relevance System

Universal Human Relevance System

UHRS is a crowdsourcing platform that supports data labeling for various AI application scenarios. Our vendor partners connect us with peoplewho we refer to as ‘judges’to provide data labeling for us at scale. All UHRS judges are under NDA so your data is always secure.

Annotate data for search relevance

When you need transcription, data validation, classification, sentiment analysis, or other related tasks, UHRS can give you what you need. We provide human intelligence to train machine learning models to help you solve some of your most challenging problems.

keyword tags being applied to search
tagging boxes displayed over video frame

Annotate video data for machine learning

We make it easy for judges to access UHRS anywhere, at any time. All that’s needed is an internet connection, and judges are good to go. Work on tasks like video annotation in just a few minutes.

Annotate image data for machine learning

With UHRS, you can classify thousands of images quickly and easily. Train your products and tools with improved image detection, boundary recognition, and more with high quality annotated image data.

tagging boxes displayed over video frame
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